Considerations To Make When Selecting a Wedding Ring

It’s a subject worthy of great consideration when selecting your wedding rings. You’ll be wearing the selected wedding rings for the rest of your life so selecting the right rings and taking in the necessary considerations now will bode well for the future. In this article we’ll discuss a few options and tips when shopping for your wedding rings.

Starting the search early is a very good piece of advice and one which if taken will give you time to have your perfect ring made. Some rings take between 4-6 weeks to be made, especially if you’re choice is bespoke or detailed. Even a standard ring can take a couple of weeks so planning in advance is key. We recommend shopping for rings about 3 months before your wedding if you haven’t already started sooner.

Budget will no doubt play a key role in which wedding rings you can afford. Choosing the metals that you want as a basis will help determine the cost of the rings and whether or not they’re going to have diamonds or not. It’s arguable that the wedding rings are one of the most important choices you will make during and after the wedding planning stages so getting this right is imperative.

Will you wear matching rings or individual wedding rings? This is a common question when selecting wedding rings and can only be answered by your preference. If you do choose to buy matching wedding rings then consider do you want the same metal or design. The chosen metal and design has to suit both partners so if you find you both like the same designs then there’s nothing stopping you from selecting matching rings but if you can’t agree then selecting individual rings is usually the right option.

The style of your wedding rings is an important decision and with they’re being a host of choices available there is further consideration to be taken. The most popular is the lain wedding ring which never dates. There are even many profiles, sizes and widths to choose from when selecting a plain wedding ring so it’s best to visit your favourite jewelers and try as many of your favourite design rings on as possible to get a feel for comfort and look.

Budget is sure to determine whether you purchase a handmade, bespoke or shaped wedding ring. If your engagement ring is unusually shaped or has large diamonds, it can be necessary to have a bespoke wedding ring made to compliment the engagement ring. Although a bespoke ring will be more expensive you’re sure to have a unique ring that you will love forever.

Having your fingers professionally measured at a jeweler of you choice is very important because this will enable you to buy online if you wish. Many web sites offer a printable strip you can print yourself to measure your fingers but our advice is to have this part of the buying process done by a professional to avoid any adjustment resizing. It’s worth having your fingers measured at least twice so you can be absolutely sure of the right sizing.

The final decision after choosing whether to buy from a jeweler shop or online is the actual ring itself. This is one of the most important decisions you will make so take your time and both be 100% sure before the big purchase. Our top tip is that buying a ring online will be cheaper just because these online jeweler companies have lower overheads that a high street jeweler so if you want to save a few pennies then this is an option worth considering but if you think the decision is on just too important for an online purchase then our advice is to visit as many jewelers as possible within your local area.

Wedding Rings and Their Traditions

Many different countries and cultures use wedding rings as a part of their wedding ceremony. This article looks at some of the traditions around the World.

Wedding ceremonies vary from country to country, however, many places use wedding rings as part of the marriage ceremony. Here we will look at some of the wedding traditions from several countries.

The finger on which the wedding ring is worn varies depending on the country’s traditions

The finger on which the wedding ring is worn varies from country to country, some placing the ring on the right ring finger and others placing the ring on the left ring finger. In some countries the hand on which the ring is worn can change before and after the ceremony. For example in Greece, the couple wear the ring on the left hand until after the wedding ceremony when they are transferred to the right hand. In some European countries, the engagement ring also serves as the wedding ring and it is engraved after the wedding. Some people choose to wear the engagement ring on the right hand ring finger and the wedding ring on the left hand ring finger. This can help to prevent damage to the rings caused by them rubbing together.

The Romans considered the wedding ring to be the last in a series of gifts

The Romans believed in giving a series of gifts to the bride-to-be, and the final gift of the series was the wedding ring. The engagement ring could also be one of the series of gifts.

Some recently-introduced traditions include the trilogy ring, the eternity ring and the pre-engagement ring

The trilogy ring usually consists of three separate diamonds which symbolize the couple’s past, present and future. The eternity ring symbolizes a long marriage, and the pre-engagement ring is sometimes given when a relationship becomes more serious.

In Britain, the ‘Best Man’ is responsible for looking after the wedding rings during the ceremony

The Best Man’s task during the wedding ceremony is to look after the bride and groom’s wedding rings until the part of the ceremony where the rings are exchanged. Some weddings will have a ring bearer who carries the rings on a cushion.

It is interesting to see that despite some small differences in how they are worn or exchanged in the wedding ceremony, that many countries use rings as part of the wedding ceremony. We may have more in common with people from other countries than we realise.